Bullion from ClearBlue Ionizer

You've never seen a pool like this

The Bullion mineral system from ClearBlue Ionizer releases microscopic mineral ions that help control bacteria and algae in pools and hot tubs. This allows you to reduce chemical usage by 50-80%.

Cut the chlorine in half

Mineral pools have less chlorine than either salt or traditional chlorine pools. This means fresh smelling water that doesn't dry your skin or fade your swimsuits.

Forget about algaecide

Bullion minerals are very effective at controlling algae. You will never need to add algaecide, no matter how much sun you get.

Perfectly balanced

Bullion does most of the water care work for you and it is pH neutral. Spend less time balancing chemicals and more time enjoying your pool.

Safe for your property

Salt is corrosive to some pool equipment and structures. Many manufacturers will void your warranty if you use salt. Bullion is completely harmless to your pool equipment, structure and landscaping.

Easy on your wallet

The Bullion mineral system costs less than most other sanitizing systems. It also reduces the ongoing costs of maintaining a pool or spa.

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